So recently I became ‘engaged.’  A state of being that I can honestly say I never really thought about before, except in the abstract.  Certainly I never thought about it for myself.

Is that so odd?  Yes.  Even to me it seems odd.  Aren’t we genetically predisposed at some point to at least contemplate that version of our futures.  To wonder about what it will be like?  To plan a wedding without the one key component- the groom?

So now I have ‘a smile on my face and a ring on my finger.’  That is how I have coyly chosen to broadcast the news via my most reliable method of keeping up with friends- Facebook and Gmail Chat.  Ah, changing times…

Now let the planning begin!  I’ve sent out requests for infomation about venues and dates and locations and the like.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’m starting from literally square one.  I don’t know much of anything about event planning, party throw-down-ing, shin-diggery, or organizational mischief.  But I’m about to get a crash course in all of it.  The world of weddings, as I’ve begun to discover, is even more hyped and high-stakes than I assumed.  Not even drug-trafficking in Columbia has this much money, ego and escapist dreams involved.

My husband-to-be has a lot of experience with this, so he’s likely going to be guiding me through a lot.  But I’m finding that I want to dive into this experience full force.  I want to be The Bride and take in the whole crazy, wild ride.  I want that.  A lot.  So off I go, and if I have a crazy look in my eye when you see me next, I might just be on a Modern Bride magazine high…

You have been both updated and warned…


One thought on “Engaged…

  1. good for you! it’s a wild ride.. but it culminates in standing in front of people who love you, pledging your life and love to That One Guy.. So keep your eye on the prize!

    Myself, i’m just planning for the quietest elopement, ever.. and well in advance of my actual ‘engagement’.. because i’m genetically predisposed for that!

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