I finally saw Avatar.

Some friends warned me that it was like Fern Gully in 3D.  It was.  (If you never saw Fern Gully in the 80s, you missed out on some awesome flying fairies.  Nowadays you can find these faires on “The Hills.”  They’re not as pro-green anymore.)

Some friends described it as the best movie they’ve ever seen.  I can see now how they would think that.  The effects were pretty cool!  With respect, I reserve my own “Best Movie Ever” title for the 90’s masterpiece, Ghostbusters II.  It has it all.  Really.

Some people were offended by the movie’s portrayal of the military as blind, destructive, unfeeling assholes who charge over almost anything without regard for the culture they might destroy.  Um….no comment.  We’re in the middle of three wars or so.

Some people wanted to get high and watch it in 3D….cause it’s trippy.  I’m on birth control.   That’s enough of a mind-altering drug for me, thank you very much.

My opinion of the movie was that it was fatastic, effects wise. I like the story, but wasn’t really surprised by much of it.  I didn’t need to be to enjoy myself.  It was a great movie to escape into for a while.  Beyond that, I’m not going to break it down much more.  There are several good articles online already that do it for me.

Forbes Article on Avatar and it’s Message

Journal By Eric Article on the Technology of Avatar

Salon.com Movie Review of Avatar -they do the BEST reviews!

There.   I’ve no problem taking the well-crafted words of another author to bloster my point.  And that’s it for me.  I’m out.


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