A new thread in the tapestry

I’ve decided to take up something creative simply to use my hands and express my….whatever.  I’ve had dreams of colors recently.  Bright, vivid colors rolling across my dreams like waves, colliding and never mixing.  After weeks of it, I’m trying to figure out what my soul is trying to say.  Maybe my preschool fascination with primary colors is returning.  Whatever the cause, I’m taking up painting.  Acrylic, to be specific.

I don’t know the first thing about painting.  I bought a kit in the crafts aisle of Walmart.  Yes, I sometimes shop at Walmart.  Yes, I feel bad about that.  So with my new paint kit tucked under my arm and good intentions oozing out my pores, off I go to paint out whatever is trapped inside.  Let’s hope this lasts longer than “The Knitting Phase.”

P.S.  Is it a biological imperative that every white female go through a “Knitting Phase?”


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