Put away your damn IPhone!

When I ask a question that can’t be answered, I am not silently begging that you look it up on your iPhone right that moment.  Believe it or not, I’m absolutely FINE with having questions in my life that go unanswered.  I’d rather you not leave our conversation to enter that nebulous World Wide Web to find out who co-starred with Rob Lowe in that 80’s movie.

Your iPhone should not be used in the following places or contexts:

*while driving

*during a conversation of any sort to look up information, unless you are downloading a map to save your ass from being lost somewhere critical- like a slum of Detroit

*at dinners or anywhere where there is food around you

*at parties (unless to take pictures that we both know you’ll likely never use for anything)

*when you are bored somewhere (i.e. a meeting, family dinner, sitting with friends, etc.)

Let me reiterate that last one.  You SHOULD NOT check your email on your iPhone at random times just because you are bored.  For the exact same reason that you shouldn’t eat just because you are bored.  It’s a bad habit.  Period.  Unless you are the president of a country (and even then), there is nothing about you that is so important that you should make others wait while you check your damn email.  It’s rude.  Any child can tell you that.  Most adults should.

If you have an iPhone, hop on the iPhone manners party train and think before you just plug up to the internet every time the thought passes your brain.  Control yourself and think about the signal that you send to others.  Hurry, before we become a nation of thoughtless, inconsiderate douchebags…



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