Learning a new business….

So I recently decided that after giving Teaching three years of my life (not to mention my honeymoon, my health, parts of my sanity, a huge portion of sleep and vacation time….) I want to do something that gives a bit more proportionally to what it takes.  Maybe one day when I find a system that will not screw/overwork/stifle it’s employees so much (rhymes with Schwinnett County), I’ll consider returning to the field.  I truly believe in the profession.  Just not the assholes that are currently in charge in the greater Atlanta area.

So together with my husband, I’ve incorporated a business and am supporting myself by working for myself.  While seeing the boss in the mirror each morning can be a trial (I can’t escape her!), it’s worth it.  You should see what she let’s me wear to work!  PJs!  (Yea, what was your dirty mind thinking?)

The process of learning a business from the bottom up is interesting.  Not every second, but the vast majority of it is.  I’m learning something that directly influences my life.  I’m learning the rules, the forms, the patterns of business.  It’s a steep learning curve, but I’m enjoying it.  And I’m no longer responsible for the output of 28 little people.  That’s very, very, very nice.

The upside is my freedom to set my schedule.  The upside is that I now have the energy to go out dancing in the evenings.  The upside is that my commute is about 25 feet from my bed.  Upsides all around.  There are downsides, but they are outweighed.  And as long as the economy is in the toilet and I’m still able to handle my finances instead of having them handle me, I’m okay with both sides of the coin.


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