Snowed in…with no snow day

Currently, Atlanta is sitting under about 6 inches of snow and a quarter inch of ice on top of said snow. Playing in soft, powdery snow is certainly invigorating. When the snow is smothered by a crunchy layer of ice…well, the snow is harder to enjoy when a snowball might accidentally poke your eye out.

My car(s) is(are) covered in a thick layer of icy snow, spread on top like a layer of cold mayo. The roads are covered with wide sheets of ice that make the closest major highway look a bit like a hockey arena. No fun. It means that for the second day in a row, we’re pretty much stuck. And I was already going stir crazy. But the weather does force one to stay put and witness the quiet that inevitably falls over the world when snow comes to visit. (And this promises to be the longest visit in my lifetime.)

So working from home (no snow days for me…which I kind of like a lot actually), I get to be productive and passive, watching the snow and trying to force myself to concentrate on my tasks at hand to get certain things done. Inventing new ways and reasons to procrastinate (I’m thinking that today is the day when I finally edit my Facebook friends). Cleaning, cooking, watching, waiting, thinking up intentions for myself for the year and planning out the things I want to happen in my life. Snow always makes me feel more poetical than any other weather condition.

the view from my front porch


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