Lonestar Championship Memories

Before the fantastic memories of this weekend leak from my head, I’ve got to share some of them.

Highlights of Lonestar 2011 (one of the best dance weekends I’ve been to in years!)

-Jo Hoffberg and Nick Williams dancing in the Invitational J&J to ___________

-The Invitational J&J finals- period. We rocked out to “Don’t Stop Believing.” Words cannot describe.

-Actually getting to dance…and dance, and dance, and dance…

-Not getting enough dancing!

-Seeing friends and acquaintances from around the country.

-Enjoying life. It’s been too long.

I could go on, but some of the memories are already fuzzy. And I’m exhausted, in that special post-dance weekend way.


I will add that while I’m looking forward to getting back into my life here in Atlanta, going to Austin reminds me how much I want my life to be there. I’ve watched the Atlanta scene grow and change, and I myself am ready for a change.

Here’s hoping 2011 brings that opportunity.


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