The Cutest Solution to Kudzu….ever.

My condo association has apparently made the coolest, most progressive decision regarding how to eliminate our kudzu problem (and it is, of course, a problem). Instead of spraying pesticides on the kudzu, which is directly next to a huge creek and swamp that supports lots of wild life, the board elected to….

….rent goats.

That’s right, they’ve rented a herd (passel? pack? tribe?) of goats and a sheep dog or two to protect them, set up a fence around the kudzu area, and left the little goats to do their work. So now my condo complex has a bunch of temporary pet goats!

How AWESOME is that?!?!?

Best show I’ve ever seen at Dad’s Garage- Slaughter Camp. Hands Down.

I’m ‘batching’ it this week, with the Significant Other out of town at an event. I’ve got the house and my schedule completely to myself for almost a full week. It’s insanely spacious. And while yes, I miss my boo, it was amazing to fall asleep on the couch last night watching old episodes of 90’s sci-fi….just because I could. Ah, SeaQuest, your cheesiness will always have a place in my heart.

So last night I meandered down to Dad’s Garage Theater in Little 5 Point to see their current 8 pm show. I haven’t been in a while, but I used to volunteer there, and most of my dancer friends can tell you that I’ve likely invited them several time to come see a show there. I LOVE this theater. LOVE improv comedy.

But last night….

   Last night was, hands down, the best show I’ve ever seen there. And I’ve seen some great shows. Last night the 8 pm show they’re running is a horror/musical called Slaughter Camp. I will be going to see it again. And again.

It’s billed as a ‘scripted homage to the 80’s horror genre. It’s a musical where the campers try to put together a play at a performing arts camp, all while there’s a homicidal killer on the loose. Every actor nailed their impression of the stereotype they were mocking. Lines that shouldn’t have been as funny as they were were hilarious. There was so much stage blood being squirted around that they had to stop briefly for stage hands to come out with a mop and clean it up.

It had cheese, drama, singing, murder, rapping (yes, they rap a song- and it’s good), double-casting, and  pretty much no 4th wall. I HIGHLY recommend going to see it. In fact, call me, cause I’ll be going again. We can go together.

( A Disclaimer for the squeamish- anything Dad’s Garage does is pretty irreverent. It takes a special type of humor, so the easily offended need not apply. You’ll just get annoyed with all my laughing.)

Jon Stewart vs Chris Wallace

I love it when Jon Stewart goes on other shows. I love it when he rolls up his sleeves and takes on challenging conversations. So few of us do. Here is Jon going on a Fox show and having real, substantive, open conversation with the host.

Here’s an article about the interview with a link to the entire thing.

This is, I think, what our society is absolutely starved for. More of this.

As a teacher, this is painful to watch

As I’ve said in the past, I’ll go political on this blog. It’s either this post, or I have to go stand on my roof and scream at the sky. Or drink heavily. I still might do both of those things. But I finally saw this story on the news and have to comment on it:

Sarah Palin’s account of the ride of Paul Revere.

Okay, so it shows an absolutely stunning lack of meta-cognitive skills….then it got even more amazing….

Sarah Palin defends her point of view.

I understand the theater of politics….I still think it’s ridiculous, but I understand there is a human need for the ridiculous. How else can you explain “True Blood?”

But this….as a teacher, this is just painful. Extremely painful that this level of ignorance is allowed in the public sphere without lots of obvious ridicule.  As a Type A person, I like my ducks in a row. I like my objective information factual. I like smart people in charge.

Sarah Palin scares the hell out of me. To be so unapologetically ignorant of history and insisting that your gaff is actually correct just because you really need it to be is alarming in any public person of importance. Can we acknowledge as a country that while we may need political theater that it doesn’t have to be at the level of a 7th grade play? Can we agree as a nation that we want the smartest, most competent people in charge- nay, that we insist on it? Can we agree to set the bar just a little bit higher than Sarah Palin?

If we wanted a leader for their false “aw-shucks folks” persona, we’d have voted for them in ’08.

That’s right, I said it.