Jon Stewart vs Chris Wallace

I love it when Jon Stewart goes on other shows. I love it when he rolls up his sleeves and takes on challenging conversations. So few of us do. Here is Jon going on a Fox show and having real, substantive, open conversation with the host.

Here’s an article about the interview with a link to the entire thing.

This is, I think, what our society is absolutely starved for. More of this.


2 thoughts on “Jon Stewart vs Chris Wallace

  1. He manages to remain professional even despite his apparent passion. That, in itself, lends him so much credibility in these situations, because “the other side” just gets angry and repeats their arguments loudly!

    The man is intelligent–he’s not only comedic, he’s WITTY. I feel like this clip is a fucking amazing example of why he has so much support (liberal bias or not) behind him.

  2. I really respect that he stands by his position as a comedian and not as a news reporter. He’s not claiming to be more than he is — he admits to his faults, his biases, and that he sometimes doesn’t tell the entire story. But from that position, he also calls out others on their faults, their biases, and their misinformation, which they do not admit and which, in fact, they defend.

    I also respect, like Breanna said, that he never bowls over the interviewer when they get into a heated discussion — he remains calm, and waits for the interviewer to stop so that he may respond, while the interviewer then repeatedly (and loudly) interrupts to attempt to make a point which he has already disproved.

    And then, I think this interview is a great example of at least one of Stewart’s comments about Fox: that it is biased. They pull only a few biased clips that are somewhat out of context (comparing Sarah Palin and herpes, for example, which is intended to be comedic but out of context appears a political statement).

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