Best show I’ve ever seen at Dad’s Garage- Slaughter Camp. Hands Down.

I’m ‘batching’ it this week, with the Significant Other out of town at an event. I’ve got the house and my schedule completely to myself for almost a full week. It’s insanely spacious. And while yes, I miss my boo, it was amazing to fall asleep on the couch last night watching old episodes of 90’s sci-fi….just because I could. Ah, SeaQuest, your cheesiness will always have a place in my heart.

So last night I meandered down to Dad’s Garage Theater in Little 5 Point to see their current 8 pm show. I haven’t been in a while, but I used to volunteer there, and most of my dancer friends can tell you that I’ve likely invited them several time to come see a show there. I LOVE this theater. LOVE improv comedy.

But last night….

   Last night was, hands down, the best show I’ve ever seen there. And I’ve seen some great shows. Last night the 8 pm show they’re running is a horror/musical called Slaughter Camp. I will be going to see it again. And again.

It’s billed as a ‘scripted homage to the 80’s horror genre. It’s a musical where the campers try to put together a play at a performing arts camp, all while there’s a homicidal killer on the loose. Every actor nailed their impression of the stereotype they were mocking. Lines that shouldn’t have been as funny as they were were hilarious. There was so much stage blood being squirted around that they had to stop briefly for stage hands to come out with a mop and clean it up.

It had cheese, drama, singing, murder, rapping (yes, they rap a song- and it’s good), double-casting, and  pretty much no 4th wall. I HIGHLY recommend going to see it. In fact, call me, cause I’ll be going again. We can go together.

( A Disclaimer for the squeamish- anything Dad’s Garage does is pretty irreverent. It takes a special type of humor, so the easily offended need not apply. You’ll just get annoyed with all my laughing.)


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