An accomplishment worth noting….


It took me 25 years, but I finally did it.

A bit of background- when I was a kid, I enjoyed being in my body. Running, spinning, riding….it was such a joy to see what my body could do. I’ve always been conscious of my physical body in that way. And my Type-A-ness has a firm root in my childhood. Without prodding, I used to wake myself up at 6 am- when I was in elementary school– to watch and do an exercise show called Mickey Mousercise.  I would lay out a bath towel on the den floor and do the moves along with Kellyn (yes, that’s how she spelled it) before anyone else was up. I had that drive. Some call it crazy. I like my particular style of crazy. Most of the time anyway.

So I exercised. And towards the end of the program, Mickey Mouse always came out to do a few moves with us. You want to talk about magical- it was like Santa himself had appeared. You know, if Santa actually exercised.

At the cool-down part of each episode, we’d sit down and stretch. What I most wanted to be able to do in the whole world, was a beautiful, graceful split, just like Kellyn. So easy and relaxing. I tried and tried for years, but my pelvis always said “no.” Thank you for playing, but no split. My little 7-year-old heart kept trying. I never gave up. My goal with daily stretching (for years) has been that desire- that 7-year-old’s-wish- to do a split.

Last night at Decatur Hot Yoga, while in Cheryl’s Hot Core Power Yoga class, I looked up during one of the stretches to realize that I was doing a split.

I promptly fell over.

Finally, finally I had gotten it. I had done it. Any pose we did after that was a blur. All I could think about was Kellyn and Mickey and how I had finally achieved what I’d been trying to achieve all those years. I’d done a split.

Check one off the bucket list.

BTW, if you’ve never seen it, Mickey’s Mousercise is a blast from the 80’s that is totally worth the viewing. And if you don’t remember the 80’s you missed some fabulous hair. And the start of some massive holes in the ozone layer. I’m just saying.


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