Lindy Hop Sample

I get asked a lot about the style of dance that I do. Mostly out in public (like at Martini’s at IMAX on Friday nights) by people who see it and want to know what it is. Technically, it’s swing dancing. But specifically, it’s Lindy Hop. It’s a style of swing dancing. Like ‘the Rachel’ is a style of hair cut. Or ‘the butterfly’ is a style of swim stroke.

There are several styles of swing dancing. Lindy Hop is one of the most dynamic forms of it. There are tons of creative options at your fingertips (or feet) if you know the vocabulary to play around. I’ve been learning it for about five years as a hobby, and I’m still not done. It’s fantastic!

Here’s a video of Darius and I dancing Lindy Hop, with swing outs about everything:

So to my friends and family who ask about what I like to do, it’s this. This is Lindy Hop. Hopefully, more videos will follow, now that I have a better camera and video recorder at my command.


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