Fall is here!

I’ve never in my life seen Fall come as quickly or as definitively as it appears to have started this year. It’s like the weather looked at the calendar and said,” Eh, well, I did sort of start summer in May….might as well just start Fall when the humans want to schedule it.”

Mother Nature being so exact makes me happy and nervous. Happy for highs in the 70’s and nervous for the hurricane that just hit Vermont. It’s like Ma Nature is off her pills. Is someone following up on that? Someone very smart in the ways of weather? Cause if we need to soothe Her, I’ll do a dance or a chant or something. I love me some Fall leaves, but normally I dislike drastic shifts like this.

The onset of Fall coincided, completely by coincidence, with the arrival of a temporary house guest at Howellville.

Meet Evian:

our little mute lion

our little mute lion

Evian, a partially shaved pomeranian the size of a loaf of bread, is staying with us for two weeks while her owners are out of town.  She doesn’t bark and she makes tiny poops, so she’s okay with me. Plus, we don’t have to worry about her tearing anything up because she can’t reach anything! Seriously, I have paperclips that are as long as this dog’s legs. She’s precious. She can also hear someone moving in the kitchen from any part of the house. Go figure. I’m in love again.

House guest aside, I leave tomorrow to go to NYC for the weekend. I’m visiting a college friend who’s doing her PhD up there. This is the second time in three years that I’ve accidentally scheduled my fall visit to coincide with Sept. 11th. Yea.  This year is going to be nuts, and we’ve decided that we may just stay at home that day, rather than try to get anywhere. They had specials on all weekend about 9/11, and watching the footage again is so different from the last time. I think it bothers me that it’s not shocking anymore. I wanted that to be shocking forever. I don’t want to get numb to that particular story. Ah, life.

I’ll be reporting my adventures from NYC with photos and colorful descriptions of the natives. I LOVE people watching/fashion watching in NYC. It’s a visual feast.

Until the next update then!


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