New Hobbies

So I’ve got a head-full of thoughts on the OccupyWallStreet protests that are going on right now, but that will be another (longer) blog post.

For now, I want to share some of my successes in photography.


1) I signed up for Pintrest, which (while not a photography win for me, per se, is an awesome site) enables me to share things visually- just the way I like to.

2) I got some awesome shots- on purpose.

3) I started a website. As websites go, I’d say it’s still in the first trimester of development, so it’s still growing. But it’s there. And it’s mine.

4) Somewhere in the process of learning photography, learning Photoshop, and learning how to be an entrepreneur, I’ve fallen headlong into a fascination with graphic design as a whole discipline. My regret is that I cannot learn as much as I want to as fast as I want to. I want it all. I am a greedy, greedy little thing sometimes.

In addition to all of this artistic nourishment (and it is nourishment for me), I’m working to be at peace with where I am- a beginner in a saturated industry. There are SO MANY photographers and so many web designers (another skill I want to learn), and so many sites with info on these things, that I actively have to work at not becoming overwhelmed, letting the little voices tell me “Ah, well, this area is already covered up with people.” Right now, my appetite to learn is insatiable, so I’m going to roll with it.

Some of my more awesome shots this week:

Cuteness personified


3 thoughts on “New Hobbies

  1. I love when our brains overlap. All these things are me, too, except for the part about succeeding in moving along at a steady pace in graphic/design things. Kudos, lady, you kick ass.

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