Venice in November

So I’m working this week from Venice, Florida. Our friends have rented a home down here for the month, and kindly invited us to stay with them for a week or so. We can (right now) work from almost anywhere, so why not work from Florida?

The local amenities are nice. Walking distance to the beach? Yes, please.  A candy shop that has rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate and sprinkles? Double yes. Also, there’s a giant statue of a manatee that is at a local park….that will come in handy later. And we are staying with two people who suit our personalities quite well (like our roommates/friends back home), and they have DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGS!!!!!

Ishta says Hello!

(Side note: that is actually what I yell when I come into any room they are in. The smaller one is quite startled by this declaration of unrequited love. I suspect as long as I keep scaring him like that, my love will have to remain unrequited and at a considerable distance.)

There are upsides and downsides to being your own boss. This week we are definitely getting several of the upsides. It’s actually easier to concentrate here- even with the dogs close by and the beach within walking distance. I’ve gotten a lot of solid work done here. And we’ve established a flow. Venice is a quiet town of [mostly] retirees, so it feels safe and comfortable and oh-so-very peaceful. The contrast to Atlanta is stunning. So we get work done and get to relax in the evenings. It’s like our own mini-commune of entrepreneurs in the making. I’m envisioning a bright future.

Getting quiet time, leisurely evenings to stroll and think, and long meals with friends has brought several thoughts into sharp focus in my head. One of the foremost is- damn, I’m glad I don’t have kids yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll love the little suckers when they come (hopefully hand-delivered by Ryan Seacrest), but right now I’m really, really enjoying my life. Two: I want to maintain this level of control over my schedule. It’s worth the pay cut, the working weekends, the lack of company health insurance, the late nights, the last minute emergencies. 100% worth it. I’m learning to be an entrepreneur, and I like it!

With that on my mind, it’s easy to focus on the things that will grow my business (like a well, structured business plan) and allow me to continue doing what I’m doing. I find that I gather momentum as I learn, which leads to more questions, which leads to more seeking, which leads to long walks on the beach….where it’s slightly harder to think about anything less grand than The Universe. Ah, such is life.

I think I’m meant to be Italian. But I digress.

My point in this blog is that Venice is wonderful- it’s sunny, it’s warm/mild, it’s quiet and I can walk at night without fear of being accosted by either a Mexican gang or Jehovah’s Witnesses (it’s happened). I have space and time to think and plan and work, without the distractions of city life. A little slice of this is just what I needed. And this sort of pace of life could suit me just fine for a while. I’ll have the contrast of the holiday season coming up, which I’m definitely looking forward to- but the knowledge that it is coming sweetens the current situation.

Oh, and I want a dog. Badly. That is all.


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