The importance of a Christmas present to myself

I know, I know. The title sounds selfish.

I don’t care.

Yesterday, I got myself the ipod speakers I have been coveting for months. A Klipsch iGroove SXT speaker system. I’ve wanted one for my office, and I found it on sale at Best Buy. Now I can set up a playlist and let it run while I work. No need to tax my computer energy, just a smooth sound quality flowing through my office with whatever tunes I feel like hearing. One more step towards creating my domain (lady-cave?) just as I  would like it to be.

Other than clothing I’ve convinced myself I need (work-purposes or dance purposes, usually), I don’t buy myself much of anything. I don’t treat myself to pedicures or highlights. Most of the time, my purchases are utilitarian. Not this one. This one felt good. Not indulgent, but good. 🙂 I got myself a little something that makes me happy. Happy Holidays to myself!


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