2012 changes everything- some happy news from the (expanding) Howells

So, I’ve got some news. Or, should I say, we have some news.

Sosh and I, having decided that we’d like to start growing our own roommates, find ourselves in the happy situation of expecting our first child.

We’ve discovered that there are several attendant (automatic?) questions that follow this announcement. I’ll make them easier here.

Yes, we’re excited.





July 19th.

Don’t know yet.

…. that should cover most of the normal questions.

As for our upcoming addition to the human race, we figure that between the two of us, any offspring we have will most certainly be a perfect hybrid of all of our best traits. We are eagerly expecting to welcome our genius/cooperative child into the world sometime this summer, and have the little Nobel-prize-winner-to-be potty trained (and reading) by mid-winter. It’s going to be great.

In short, we are in completely new territory here and would welcome advice. Any advice. Just be aware that we anticipate receiving so much advice (more than we can actually handle and some that will scare the bejezsus out of us), that at some point our eyes might glaze over. It’s a mental survival thing. If this happens while we are with you, please wait while we reload and try again later. We might be more receptive to advice on days when neither of us has been physically ill or looking at articles about college tuition rates. Also, please try not to scare us any more than you have to…sometimes ignorance is bliss.

There will also be a point where we honestly won’t remember whether we’ve told you or not. It’s just a bit difficult to keep track of who gets told when and who left the room at just the wrong (right?) point to miss our elated announcement. So, if we tell you a second time, please smile, nod and humor us. We’ll need it.

Also, if you have baby stuff you’d like to unload, we’re looking to shop second and third hand on everything but the car seat.

We’re excited, of course, and trying to adjust what we need to adjust as it comes. I’m developing a new appreciation for how much work humans take to create. I also appreciate more how completely cool it is that my body can grow a human. Makes me feel sort of superhuman and magical. It also makes me really, really conscious of what I eat. And breathe.

For a brief period of time, this blog now becomes a pregnancy blog. Because that is where I am in this life. That is my experience, and my stage, and I’m determined to learn how to honor it. However uncomfortable it may be at times. This time will not come again, this first pregnancy. It’s magic, in its own way.

So while I will NOT be regaling you with every single intimate detail (there are other blogs for that) of my pregnancy, this will be a good place to find out what is going on generally with Baby Howell (nickname suggestions for the Peanut are cheerfully accepted via this blog) and the more surprising/interesting aspects of pregnancy. Hopefully, it will be intriguing. It already is for me, and I’m eager to share the journey…to a point.

So from an expanding, hormonal, hungry mom-to-be, I’m happy to welcome in 2012 and announce the shift of focus for this blog to my (our?) new project- Baby (Changing Fruit) Howell.


4 thoughts on “2012 changes everything- some happy news from the (expanding) Howells

  1. Awesome things about pregnancy:

    Sonograms–omg, there’s a *baby* in there!
    Attention and social approval–you will never be so benignly regarded ever again
    Feeling the baby kick
    Shopping for baby stuff (even if you’re buying second hand–consignment sales are awesome)
    Baby shower

    Sucky things about pregnancy:

    Pretty much everything else. So enjoy the other stuff. 🙂

  2. And the advice part:

    Ask your doctor or midwife about a nuchal translucency test. It’s a combination of bloodwork and ultrasound measurements that don’t actually diagnose Downs Syndrome, but rather give a range of probabilities for it; this lets you decide whether it’s worth having a potentially risky amniocentisis. It also tests for probabilities for other forms of trisomy, of which Downs is one.

    When you start getting big, I recommend a maternity support belt to minimize round ligament pain while walking, and a body pillow for comfortable sleeping. Make sure you have comfortable slip-on shoes, as getting down to tie sneakers will become a challenge–and make sure they’re a half size larger than you normally wear, since your feet will swell. Take off any rings you have now; if you develop edema, you may not be able to get them off your swollen fingers. (I had to have one cut off by a jeweler, and repaired later.)

    And you must must *must* read Dr. Karp’s “Happiest Baby on the Block.” The man is a god, I tell you. It was the most useful of all the myriad parenting books foisted on me.

    Finally, I am a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. If you want help learning how to install your car seat, let me know. 🙂

  3. How I missed this news, I have no idea! Somehow, I am usually last to know most things in our family… But I am so excited to know there is another little baby cousin in the making! And from my very own, favorite baby cousin, at that!! Congrats you two! I know you must be happy, scared, overwhelmed, and a whole variety of other mixed-up emotions. I’ll be trying to keep up with details better, now that I know the news! Sending love from Nashville…

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