Week 20 in Preggo-land: The Gender Reveal!

Baby Bump at 20 weeks!

Here I teeter, at the halfway point of pregnancy. 20 weeks is officially the halfway point, as pregnancy is supposed to last (officially) 40 weeks. Before I found myself ‘in the family way,’ I always wondered why pregnant women would count their time in weeks and not months. Now I understand completely. If you changed this much on a weekly basis, you’d keep close track too.

Taking stock at 20 weeks:

Damn- it is SO COOL that I’m growing a human! That is never not going to be supremely cool. I’m pretty sure it also means that from here on out, everyone is someone’s child to me.

I’m still somewhat comfortable, and glad to finally be ‘showing.’ It’s exciting. I don’t know if it will be as exciting if I decide to do this again…maybe the novelty of a pregnancy belly is a first-time-only thing. Maybe not. Time will tell.

The News We’ve Been Waiting For…….

We went on Friday for the Gender Sonogram (yea, sure they were looking for other stuff, but I was looking for gender).

And I’m thrilled to say that we’re having a GIRL!

How I felt at the doctor's office.

I guess the natural follow-up question would be about names, but we’ve decided that, whatever we decide to name our delightful little bundle of genetic potential, the name will only be revealed in the birth announcement. No Facebook update, twitter announcement, special tattoos- nada. That way, if we see her and change our minds (“She doesn’t really look like an ‘Edith’- she looks more like a ‘Maude.'”), we’re free to adapt.  The only thing I can safely reveal at this point is that her middle name will likely NOT be ‘Danger,’ as was originally suggested by someone I won’t name (and shouldn’t have to).

Aside from the gender, Friday’s appointment revealed that everything looks fine. No extra fingers or toes or limbs appeared- always a plus. Size-wise, our baby girl looks good and on track to grow just as she should. Everything I wanted to hear. No ‘uh ohs’ from the doctor or technician. I like not being surprised on that side of things.

Status Report: Everything looks good. I’m healthy, my baby girl is healthy (and kicking more every day!), and at the halfway point.


2 thoughts on “Week 20 in Preggo-land: The Gender Reveal!

  1. I coulda told you with near perfect accuracy that you were growing a Sue, not a George, as your husband comes from the Lashlee Clan. It seems the odds for producing pink-preferring offspring is about 800:1 compared to bouncing baby boys. Sosh and Silas are pretty rare among all the rest of the Lashlee Ladies!! Congrats, and you look awesome!

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