A Friday morning “Wake Up!” Surprise

Fridays are always special to me. I cherish my weekends with a reverence that is close to worship. Having said that, today was an extra special Friday.

Normally, during the weekdays, we ‘dog-sit’ for the dog of some close friends. They live in the same condo complex we do, and since we work from home and L.O.V.E. their dog, we get to pretend by day that she is our pet too. Our friend just drops the dog off in the morning when he leaves for work, so we go to bed without a pet and wake up with a dog downstairs. It’s like the Christmas I always wanted to have, but it’s every day. Adulthood is so COOL sometimes!

Here’s our daily visitor, Reese:

I can tell...she's thinking something deep.

This morning, there was an extra surprise waiting for us downstairs, in the form of a familiar face whom we have dog-sat for in the past. We knew she’d be coming sometime soon to stay with us during the day, but we didn’t think we’d see her until next week. So little Evie, the Pomeranian Marshmellow Dog, was a wonderful surprise to greet when I can stumbling downstairs this morning, blearly eyed and slow-witted.

Here’s Evie, saying hello:

Why hello there...

Evie’s owner/mom is out of town for two weeks, so for the next two weeks, we are going to be treated to a full house of two daily doggie visitors, a constant stream of welcome out-of-town guests, and some beautiful spring-like days. Add in the Atlanta Lindy Exchange, which is happening this weekend, and it’s going to be good times for the rest of March!

Happy Friday to us!  


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