The Nesting (and Carbohydrate) Instinct

Well, dear readers, I am now  in the 3rd trimester of my 1st pregnancy, staring at the home stretch (and corresponding to-do list). Up until this point, both my husband and I have been approaching impending parenthood with both awe and a strange detachment. Even while attacking a bowl of mashed potatoes like a wolverine, I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I’m about to take on the mantle of ‘Parent.’ I’m told that is completely normal- both the mashed potatoes and the detached feeling. This is probably a good thing. Processing the transition to parenthood takes some time. Hopefully, it will take slightly less than 9 months. We’ll see. If it happened all at once, heads might explode. It’s a lot to take in, this whole making of humans.

28 week baby bump...12 weeks to go?

A brief update: I’m now at 28 weeks, and have never been this hungry or tired in my life. There are days when I swear I demolish more meat and carbs than a pack of construction workers at a steak house buffet. Picking out clothes is easier now that I only have about ten things that are comfy to wear- but sometimes I miss getting dressed up. I also can’t really remember what it’s like to have a waist. Or control of my appetite.  My belly has finally started to ‘get in the way,’ a development I’d been warned about by friends and the InterWebs. It’s totally true. Turning over in bed is now a five-point maneuver involving clearance space assessment and strategic assistance (i.e. pillows and momentum). TMI?

Staying focused on work is getting harder and harder. I find I only want to focus on nesting and gathering. And fixing. And cooking. So many things to do before processing orders and doing financials! But seriously, with 3 months to go, I’ve got to stay on track with bringing home the bacon, so that there is plenty of bacon around. Cause babies love that.

Baby Gear Starts to Trickle In

Thanks to a very thoughtful friend, I finally got my first piece of baby gear this past weekend- a car seat/stroller combo. It’s heavy, but it’s in great condition, and sitting in my downstairs right now, looking conspicuous. I smile every time I see it. My thoughtful friend also passed along 8 boxes of girls’ clothes that she’d saved from her daughter. This network of mothers is a wonderful resource. It’s like I’ve joined a not-so-secret society of people who understand that their organization keeps the world running, even if it doesn’t officially run the world.

Non-Baby-Related Happenings

This weekend is Hop Shop 4 in Atlanta, and there are some AMAZING teachers coming into town to throw down some dance wisdom to the masses. Disclaimer: I know all the teachers and like them as people very much…they also happen to be good teachers and good dancers. A fabulous combination of traits.

I’m very much looking forward to a social weekend of being out and about. Working from home and getting tired at 8 pm is a combination that leads quickly to boredom with one’s house. And that leads to quirky, restless ideas that sound great (“Hey! We should knock out that wall, reconstruct our pantry and install recessed lighting! We can do that in a weekend, right?”) but in the end just aren’t. So if I’m extra talkative this weekend, that’s why. I need people time.

I’ve begun collecting pics that I like to post on this blog. Most of them have nothing to do with babies or dance…

Some are hilarious:

And some are political:

My file is a work on progress…look for more random inserts in future posts.

BTW, in case I’ve not said it enough recently- I MISS NEW ORLEANS!!!!!


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