All it’s cracked up to be…and more.

After more than a week, I am slowly dipping my toes back into Cyberland- checking emails, handling business, looking back out at the world to see what is going on. It’s been a nice, quiet week since July 23rd, and I’m in no particular hurry to jump back in to my old life just yet.

July 23rd. My line of demarcation from my Old Life to What is Now My Life.

July 23rd. The day my daughter was born. The day everything changed.

What in the…?

I know that sounds melodramatic. It’s also completely true. Everything has changed. It’s like someone picked my entire world off of its foundation, and just set the whole thing back down somewhere new. I think I’m on track to hit every single parenting cliche that I can think of.

I stare at her while she sleeps.

I am content to be at home all day. Whereas I used to get restless at home, now I just don’t.

I use a different voice when I speak to her. It’s high-pitched and sing-songy and I don’t care who hears me- if it makes her give me a gummy smile, then the world is alright.

I can’t watch the news right now, cause any story about kids makes me cry.

The list could go on and on, but I think sums it up quite nicely:
 42 Things that Change When You Have a Baby

The Details (as much as I’m going to talk about anyway)

Eva was born on July 23rd at 8:30 am, after 28 hours of labor. Yes, 28 hours. A 6th of the Earth was created in less time than it took to get her here (thank you Genesis). My husband was absolutely wonderful throughout the entire process, and helped encourage me to make it through some very tough moments. He stuck it out through more medical procedures in one day than he (or I) have seen or had to have done in our entire lives- without passing out or running from the room. Which, I must point out, I totally would have done if I’d been able to run. Totally worth it in every way, but I shudder to imagine what birth was like before modern medicine.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Our daughter is about 7 lbs and very healthy. She’s a chill little baby, and so far doesn’t cry much. Of course, that could partially be because she’s not awake much yet. If she’s not eating, she’s sleeping- and sometimes she manages to do both at the same time, a talent of which I am in slight awe. She is, by all objective standards, the most gorgeous baby ever, with light brown hair and grey eyes. We’ll see where that goes in the years to come. I was sort of expecting a raven-haired child, but Life is funny that way.

Our time at Northside Hospital was amazing! Between the nurses and the specialists who came to help us make sure we know what to do, along with the saintly nursing staff who put up with two typical first-time parents (read: skittish, hyper-aware, and protective) with class and skill, the entire stay was a welcome chance to slowly adjust to taking care of a newborn while healing and resting. By the time we came home, we weren’t nearly as scared to handle her as we were at first. Baby steps.

Now we’re home and taking it one day at a time. Each day is different- she’s changing so fast!

Shhhhh…I’m doing math in my head.

Life Changes

I mentioned earlier that it seems like my whole life has changed. True enough, and far beyond the more obvious things I listed. I’m also less interested in checking email or business or anything to do with daily life. Oh, I’ll still do it, but I’m trying to prep friends and family that my response time to everything from texts to emails to Facebook is now going to slow dramatically. And updates will likely be baby-related. Another parenthood cliche to check off my list. Don’t worry, I’ll try not to overshare…too much. 🙂

So, to sum up, the last week has been amazing, and although I look forward to getting back to my social life in some form eventually, right now I’m enjoying a new pace and getting to know my daughter. Parenthood is everything I thought it would be AND MORE! Life is good.


It was a great idea when I first thought of it…

No one told me that pregnancy can bring about insomnia. Or that some of the most interesting things you will ever find on the internet can only be found between 2 and 5 am. No, seriously, try looking for the same sites during the day, and they’ve mysteriously disappeared- like fairies or my tax return. But in the middle of the night, Google is a gold mine of more random shit that you ever knew could come out of the human brain. Ditto with YouTube. Pure gold.


29/31 by Garfunkel and Oates

Funny or Die

Ok, so technically you CAN find any of these sites during the daytime, but that doesn’t change the fact that my best discoveries on the Webs have happened during bouts of late night/early morning web roaming. And in the middle of the night, any lifeline to the world at large, no matter how ridiculous, is a treasure to be held close to your throbbing, sleepless heart.


A few years ago, I had the idea that I could write a blog and maybe even monetize it one day. Yup, I could get paid to write. Lots of people [say that they] do it, so jumping on that bandwagon should be easy! It seemed like a great idea at the time. It lasted all of three weeks before my attention wandered. Such is my life.


Since then, I’ve had several great ideas, but none quiet as great as that one…ah, the best of intentions, and all that.  I’m not walking around thinking I’m Hemingway or anything, but you know how when you get an idea that truly resonates with you and you think you’d be good at it…and then realize that it’s a big world out there with lots of other people  trying the same thing? A little daunting. I truly do enjoy writing…a lot. So I’ve kept blogging, and enjoyed looking back over how my life has unfolded over the past few years. If I reach a point where I want to try and go more pro at writing, it will likely be after life has settled down a bit.

(I’m now 8 days out from my due date, FYI. Being preggo is just about the only thing I can do right now. That, and eat.)

But I do so like to share:

I’ve also found a few blogs that I enjoy reading (difficult to do, since I’m picky about the writing styles that I like), and would like to share:


Both fantastic writers who make me laugh all the time. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Now, for some visual treats. I teeter on the edge of motherhood, and the things that make me laugh now are totally different from 9 months ago (except for the movie TED. I’m pretty sure I still would’ve laughed my ass off at that one 9 months ago. Seth MacFarlane is a genius.) Here are some gems that I’ve stumbled across recently.

For your enjoyment:

Nesting and other weekend activities to avoid the heat

So, with temps being in the low 100s on a normal day, I’ve been hiding indoors a lot the past week or two. It’s in the 80’s when I wake up and stays in the 90’s until well towards midnight, so I can’t walk outdoors most days. It’s just too hot. I’ve taken to driving to the local mall and walking laps, just to be indoors and be able to walk. It’s been going on long enough now that it is intensely frustrating. I constantly feel cooped up.

So my house is pretty clean, my baby’s nursery is finally complete, I’ve color-coordinated my bookshelf, and I’ve reorganized my computer files. Yup, I’m slowly going insane.

As of July 9th, I am ten days out from my due date, and while I don’t think it will magically be 15 degrees cooler once I’ve jettisoned 10 pounds or so, I do hope the weather for the rest of July (and August) is a bit more mild than it has been.

Here is one result of the recent heat wave: our completed baby nursery:

Countdown: 14 days?

I am (we are) 14 days out from the official due date of our first child. She’s ready, we’re ready. It’s on.

Except it’s not. Staring labor and delivery in the face is…surreal. I don’t mind confessing that I’m a bit scared and bent out of shape about it. I’m also bent out of shape about things like housework and people who cut me off in traffic, but I really think that yelling out the window for the older lady in traffic to (insert graphic description of something horribly inappropriate here) is mostly pregnancy hormones. I blame the hormones.

My Preggo-Bubble now encompasses my entire life. Despite myself, I’ve been totally sucked in and can’t seem to make any reliable plans beyond my next nap (which, actually, is rarely planned either). With my energy level at its lowest and everything I do now being dictated by my body’s (lack of) ability, it’s hard to see around my big, protruding belly. That being said, there is a lot going on in the world that I can keep up with, thanks to the magical, double-edged sword that is the Internet. Between the Supreme Court decision last week regarding The Affordable Healthcare Act and the ‘discovery’ of the Higgs Boson Particle (Thank you Neil Degrasse Tyson for giving me warning ahead of time for what that means for us), there is a lot of interesting stuff going on. I’m trying to focus on that instead of on the upcoming election. Quite frankly, that whole mess just exhausts me, and the talking heads don’t really say anything new.

I think it’s just time to turn my attention back to other things and let November take care of itself. Watching the slow slide to madness isn’t bettering my life in any way (how about yours?), and I’m not affecting the dialogue currently, so I’m redirecting.In that respect, pregnancy is great for changing the conversation. Any political topics that come up, I can just excuse myself to go sit down…or eat…either one works. Hey, I’ll work this angle as much as I can right now.

As someone wisely pointed out, this may just be the most socially acceptable/gently-regarded that I’ll ever be in my life. Any women knows that society is harsh to us 99.9% of the time from the age of about 3 weeks onward- if it’s not about what we’re wearing, it’s about how we wear it, what we’re saying, how we’re doing what we’re doing, who we’re pleasing, where we’re going…you get the idea. You get so used to expecting judgement on everything that it becomes your norm. Sadly. But right now, I get smiles out in public and polite questions (For the most part. I’m sure people are judging me when they see me holding a coffee cup. It’s decaf, but I still get The Eye. Fortunately for me, I don’t care!) Since I KNOW all this will change once I become a mom, I’m soaking it up now and putting on my BGPs (Big Girl Panties) to deal with the inevitable advice-fest that I’m told a baby in one’s arms attracts.

See, I wanted to talk about recent events and the topic still managed to boomerang back to baby stuff. You’ve just experienced the Preggo-Bubble. Welcome to my planet.

Side Note: I miss dancing. A lot. I’m happy for all my friends who are still traveling to all these events, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of them…just a bit. Once Puffin is old enough and I’m in a more stable work situation, I’d love to resume going to events and trying new things in dance. But that is a goal for a few months from now. Right now my goal is to get Puffin on a sleep schedule. Starting now would be nice, since she appears to be a night owl and likes to kick from 7 to 11 pm each night.]

For now, here is my visual update for this week, Week 38. For comparison, the top photo is from Week 21, and the bottom photo is from today:

Then, at Week 21

Now, at Week 38