Countdown: 14 days?

I am (we are) 14 days out from the official due date of our first child. She’s ready, we’re ready. It’s on.

Except it’s not. Staring labor and delivery in the face is…surreal. I don’t mind confessing that I’m a bit scared and bent out of shape about it. I’m also bent out of shape about things like housework and people who cut me off in traffic, but I really think that yelling out the window for the older lady in traffic to (insert graphic description of something horribly inappropriate here) is mostly pregnancy hormones. I blame the hormones.

My Preggo-Bubble now encompasses my entire life. Despite myself, I’ve been totally sucked in and can’t seem to make any reliable plans beyond my next nap (which, actually, is rarely planned either). With my energy level at its lowest and everything I do now being dictated by my body’s (lack of) ability, it’s hard to see around my big, protruding belly. That being said, there is a lot going on in the world that I can keep up with, thanks to the magical, double-edged sword that is the Internet. Between the Supreme Court decision last week regarding The Affordable Healthcare Act and the ‘discovery’ of the Higgs Boson Particle (Thank you Neil Degrasse Tyson for giving me warning ahead of time for what that means for us), there is a lot of interesting stuff going on. I’m trying to focus on that instead of on the upcoming election. Quite frankly, that whole mess just exhausts me, and the talking heads don’t really say anything new.

I think it’s just time to turn my attention back to other things and let November take care of itself. Watching the slow slide to madness isn’t bettering my life in any way (how about yours?), and I’m not affecting the dialogue currently, so I’m redirecting.In that respect, pregnancy is great for changing the conversation. Any political topics that come up, I can just excuse myself to go sit down…or eat…either one works. Hey, I’ll work this angle as much as I can right now.

As someone wisely pointed out, this may just be the most socially acceptable/gently-regarded that I’ll ever be in my life. Any women knows that society is harsh to us 99.9% of the time from the age of about 3 weeks onward- if it’s not about what we’re wearing, it’s about how we wear it, what we’re saying, how we’re doing what we’re doing, who we’re pleasing, where we’re going…you get the idea. You get so used to expecting judgement on everything that it becomes your norm. Sadly. But right now, I get smiles out in public and polite questions (For the most part. I’m sure people are judging me when they see me holding a coffee cup. It’s decaf, but I still get The Eye. Fortunately for me, I don’t care!) Since I KNOW all this will change once I become a mom, I’m soaking it up now and putting on my BGPs (Big Girl Panties) to deal with the inevitable advice-fest that I’m told a baby in one’s arms attracts.

See, I wanted to talk about recent events and the topic still managed to boomerang back to baby stuff. You’ve just experienced the Preggo-Bubble. Welcome to my planet.

Side Note: I miss dancing. A lot. I’m happy for all my friends who are still traveling to all these events, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of them…just a bit. Once Puffin is old enough and I’m in a more stable work situation, I’d love to resume going to events and trying new things in dance. But that is a goal for a few months from now. Right now my goal is to get Puffin on a sleep schedule. Starting now would be nice, since she appears to be a night owl and likes to kick from 7 to 11 pm each night.]

For now, here is my visual update for this week, Week 38. For comparison, the top photo is from Week 21, and the bottom photo is from today:

Then, at Week 21

Now, at Week 38


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