Nesting and other weekend activities to avoid the heat

So, with temps being in the low 100s on a normal day, I’ve been hiding indoors a lot the past week or two. It’s in the 80’s when I wake up and stays in the 90’s until well towards midnight, so I can’t walk outdoors most days. It’s just too hot. I’ve taken to driving to the local mall and walking laps, just to be indoors and be able to walk. It’s been going on long enough now that it is intensely frustrating. I constantly feel cooped up.

So my house is pretty clean, my baby’s nursery is finally complete, I’ve color-coordinated my bookshelf, and I’ve reorganized my computer files. Yup, I’m slowly going insane.

As of July 9th, I am ten days out from my due date, and while I don’t think it will magically be 15 degrees cooler once I’ve jettisoned 10 pounds or so, I do hope the weather for the rest of July (and August) is a bit more mild than it has been.

Here is one result of the recent heat wave: our completed baby nursery:


One thought on “Nesting and other weekend activities to avoid the heat

  1. The nursery is adorable. You are a nest-er extraordinaire. And your haircut is vary becoming! If you weren’t about to give birth you could come to Asheville to cool off. Our high will only be 80 today, or so they say. Hang in there mama.

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