Aspirations and Inspirations for today…cause I need it. Badly.

It’s one of THOSE DAYS. I and my baby are cranky, tired, funny-smelling, and just blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


We need a pick me up. For her, that means some naked time on the changing table (I don’t ask why; if it works, it works) and for me, that means catching up on my two favorite blogs.

I enjoy writing as a hobby, and have recently decided I want to try on some different styles. I found these two brilliant blogs that I look to for wordy inspiration on how to get certain things out there, and do it with style. I want to share their magic far and wide, so here goes!

Blog #1: Confessions of a Mom Zombie

I love, love, love the writing style and voice of this blog. She takes irreverence, snark, honesty, and some chic geek, and shakes it like a martini. A martini that we all need. I’ll admit, I’m a little biased towards a fellow Firefly fan (Browncoats baby!!!), but personal prejudices aside, it’s well written and highly entertaining.

Blog #2: Alpha Mom

This blog has a section called Bounce Back that is totally devoted to getting your life (somewhat) back postpartum. Me likee. It’s a bit more…commercial, and the pop up ads can get annoying, but are worth wading through for the columns. Bonus for new moms- there’s literally a column written for everything I could think of, so I feel a little less crazy (just a little bit) knowing there’s a discussion board out there for everything ever.

Most importantly, both of these blogs are inviting me to step up my game. Blogging is one of the few ways I have right now to reach out. I’m likely a lonely, awkward teenager that way. ( will u be my bff? j/k! lol!!)

Ha! Just kidding! I barely have time to zip my fly, let alone revamp this site anytime soon. But someday. Someday…


4 thoughts on “Aspirations and Inspirations for today…cause I need it. Badly.

  1. Oh em gee. What a compliment from your great mind! Thank you! You’re quite a fantastic writer, so this is pretty spesh.
    Aren’t we all lonely, awkward teenagers just stuck in grown up bodies/ lives? This doesn’t particularly bode well for our kids, but, at the very least, we’ll be able to better relate to them. And we can all dress up like the Serenity crew for Halloween.

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