The Babyfication of Home…

Sometimes I fancy myself a thinker of deep thoughts and a writer of deep posts. Not today and not this post.  Today is Friday, I have worked all week to haul myself- kicking, screaming, crying, and sullen- into a better mood. And I think I’ve finally succeeded. So today I celebrate Friday in all it’s glorious Fridayness. And I catalog my recent home improvements/baby-related-additions to my decor.

If you walk in my front door, it is blindingly obvious that I have at least one child- possibly several. I have enough toys and seats sitting around that one might think I either have a home nursery or have given birth to quintuplets sometime in the last few years. There is just that much primary-colored stuff stacked around my house. The fact that all this stuff is for just one child only means that this is my firstborn.

In an ongoing effort to make our home as educational and stimulating as possible, we’ve added a few new touches that I want to share.


!!-1-ABC-mat-!!The ABC mat that was the brilliant idea of my better half. Our daughter LOVES crawling around on it, learning her numbers and letters….I assume that chewing on them is akin to ‘learning.’ She has a fondness for the numbers 1 and 4. Plus, she now has a padded place to practice crawling- very handy when half of her attempts to move forward end up in a face-plant.

And for Mommy and Daddy’s comfort:

!!-glider-chair-!!The Storkcraft Glider, purchased from Amazon and delivered straight to our door. God Bless the Internet. It is like sitting on a cloud and I’d recommend it as just a regular chair. It’s that awesome.

So now we’ve got these two new things, in addition to the 5 child-appropriate seating places, 4 sleeping location options,  and 60+ toys and books that are scattered around our home like an obstacle course. Every day is an adventure, and (when we actually sleep) we sleep with the secure knowledge that no burglar could ever survive creeping through our home in the dark without tripping to death. Who needs a house alarm? We have teething toys.


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