Changes after Baby

Well, I went this morn and pulled out my old summer clothes. They smell like moth farts. It’s to be expected. They haven’t been worn in two years. Last summer, I was 7+ months pregnant, so they didn’t even get unpacked.


Me and the hubs in November of 2011. Pre-baby.

But this year I’ve worked hard to get my body back in shape and I thought I was ready! I’ve been working out (hard) and eating better (except for the wine, but that is medicinal…I need that!) and am almost back to my pre-preggo weight. And although I knew intellectually that my body would be different after a baby, I didn’t really believe it. Not really. I was, as it turns out, anchored VERY FAR up the River of Denial.

Let’s just leave it at this: Nothing fits quite the same. The skin is different. The weight is distributed differently, like my body rearranged everything and is just too lazy now to move it back. I tried on all my summer stuff, and everything looks/fits different.

I was mildly depressed about it for about five minutes. Then I looked at this: _DSC1188

Yea. I’m good.


I can see your backbone from here.

Screw the heavy, navel-gazing posts! It’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and Carsie Blanton just came out with her newest video. The two are not related….or are they?

This is just too delicious not to share:

I haven’t gotten the chance to hear anymore from her 2012 album, Idiot Heart. There may be other singles out from it, but I just heard this one and had to drop everything to give it a cyber-standing-ovation. Via blog post. That’s how I roll.

The lyrics of her songs just send me, as they say. It’s that kind of magic you get when you hear a song that sounds like your own heart wrote it, sung it and produced it, all while you were sleeping. Sneaky little minx.

She came out with what is still my favorite ‘danceable’ song 2 years ago. Me gusta.

If Carsie Blanton is new to you, I highly recommend checking her out. She’s the kind of artist we need more of. Lots and lots more of. Carsie, I ❤ you.