Changes after Baby

Well, I went this morn and pulled out my old summer clothes. They smell like moth farts. It’s to be expected. They haven’t been worn in two years. Last summer, I was 7+ months pregnant, so they didn’t even get unpacked.


Me and the hubs in November of 2011. Pre-baby.

But this year I’ve worked hard to get my body back in shape and I thought I was ready! I’ve been working out (hard) and eating better (except for the wine, but that is medicinal…I need that!) and am almost back to my pre-preggo weight. And although I knew intellectually that my body would be different after a baby, I didn’t really believe it. Not really. I was, as it turns out, anchored VERY FAR up the River of Denial.

Let’s just leave it at this: Nothing fits quite the same. The skin is different. The weight is distributed differently, like my body rearranged everything and is just too lazy now to move it back. I tried on all my summer stuff, and everything looks/fits different.

I was mildly depressed about it for about five minutes. Then I looked at this: _DSC1188

Yea. I’m good.


2 thoughts on “Changes after Baby

  1. Lisa, you are beautiful inside and out! Eva is so fortunate to have such a loving mom. And she is worth the body rearrangement, just like her dad was for me.

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