Finding Baby Toys

you know you're a mom when 1

I’m a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom). It’s a thrill, working 168 hours per week without any sick leave. Did I mention I also get to cook and clean? Paradise. (If my bitterness is too strong today, go ahead and move on to the next paragraph. I’m sick with a cold and working off 5 hours of sleep, so optimism can go suck a big one today.) Seriously, it’s days like today that make me wish Canada had a warmer climate. Or that Brazil didn’t have such big bugs. But I could go on and on, and it won’t change the fact that I STILL don’t have a self-cleaning sink. Life is hard.

With the family on one income (which this society was clearly not designed for), I’ve learned new levels of frugal this year. One brilliant suggestion from a veteran mom has been to scour local thrift shops for electronic toys. Goodwill won’t sell electronic toys that don’t work, so anything you find will be perfectly usable, if a bit worn. Best of all, you can get them for pennies.

Well, this past weekend, I gots me some shiny pennies and rolled out to find the bargains. Hit up the local Goodwill and Value Village. Jack. Pot.

I got a standing play area for $4.50  Retails for about $37. I also found four or five other toys for a total of $6. Not each- that’s $6 for all of them. So, for around 10 little Washingtons, I brought home this bounty:

!!-stuff-from-goodwill-and-value-village-april-2013-!They work and are in great condition. Just clean, add batteries, and BOOM! Stimulating play area. Eva LOVES the new additions, and I love the fact that three of the five toys teach ABCs. Hey, it’s never too early, right?

Since I started the post with pessimism (and snark), I’ll end it with a bit of inspiration:

zooey's wisdom


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