Buh-bye Facebook.

I finally did it. I dropped Facebook like a bad habit.

!! No-Facebook-logoCause, for me, it had become a bad habit. I’d been thinking about quitting the juggernaut for months, but my addiction was so strong that it took an enormous amount of will to get to the point where I could cut myself off. Actually, that’s lie- it took hitting a wall. I’d spend too much time checking out the pics from friends who are traveling/dancing/going out/getting sleep and everything about their lives seemed exciting. All I came to be able to see was the riotous, exotic fun that everyone else seemed to be having while I tried to enforce nap times. I looked up and realized that Facebook had become just a pseudo-connection to the outside world that only served to make me dissatisfied with my life.

See, I’m currently a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom), so I get very little time each day to do anything for myself. Very. Little. Time. What I am able to do needs to be helpful, restorative and involve interaction with other adult humans. Actual humans, not the posed, idealized versions of their own lives that Facebook has come to be. I finally realized that Facebook has reached a point for me where it was truly mentally unhealthy. So I’m out. Maybe forever. Maybe for a little while. We’ll see.

!!! Be your own heroIn the meantime, if you want updates, come here to my blog. It will still be one of my creative outlets.

Disclaimer: Being a mom is definitely fun/important/fulfilling/a blessing, but anyone who says it’s totally fulfilling is a lying liar who lies. They don’t call Pinot Noir “Mommy Juice” for nothing.


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