Much Ado About Whedon

I am a GINORMOUS Joss Whedon fan. Seriously, I don’t even pretend to be unbiased. As far as I’m concerned, the man shits Emmys and coughs brilliance.

!! joss whedon

So about a year ago when I heard he was doing an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing (already one of my favorite Willie plays, thanks to Kenneth and Emma), I already knew it would be a masterpiece…in my own mind, at least.

!!! joss-whedon-much-ado-about-nothingWell, this past Saturday night, in a rare date night with the Hubs, I actually got to SEE IT. In theaters. Without interruption. (Here I will note, admitting to the TMI, that I rarely pee by myself these days, so watching an entire movie without interruption is a luxury beyond reckoning.) Soooooooo, there I was, watching some of my favorite actors- he likes to use familiar faces cause people love working for him- striding around Whedon’s own California home, spouting Shakespeare and tripping down staircases. Words cannot describe my excitement. Wait, yes they can…

Best. Date night. Ever. Period. Infinity. No takebacks.

!!! much-ado-about-nothing-nathan-fillionThe movie was typical Whedon. If you’ve seen The Avengers, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Serenity, Dr. Horrible’s Song-a-long Blog, or The Cabin in the Woods, then you know what I mean. His humor is a singularity- either it sucks you in, or you escape (poor you) without a scratch. Joss just has this way of being funny that pierces you- like an aboriginal dart or an STD. You weren’t planning on it, but now you have to live with it. Except, unlike an STD or a poison dart, it’s a sickness you’ll never want to shake. You like yourself more for liking Whedon’s take on the world. At least, that’s what I’ve found.

So he takes Shakespeare and puts it in a modern setting. You might think that would make it boring and confusing. You might not know Whedon. It’s hi-LAR-i-ous. Seriously. It’s like the Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta– it makes Shakespeare understandable. When I watch Whedon ‘do’ Shakespeare, I get the jokes and the innuendos and the stakes…because of the way the actors deliver the lines. It’s golden. I love it, and I make no apologies for it.

!!!!-much-ado-about-nothing-amy-ackerThe entire movie was great. And brief. The perfect combination. Whedon cut I-know-not-how-much to make the movie a mere 1 hour, 49 minutes. Stop and appreciate that for a minute. It’s Shakespeare. You’re pretty much guaranteed to have a growth spurt during most Shakespeare performances, yet this one is roughly the length of a Pixar film. You get the story without the sore ass. Mission accomplished. Who needs Cliff Notes?

No surprise, I give the movie 5 thumbs up. I recommend it, and will talk about it incessantly to anyone who happens to ask me at parties.

Ha! Just kidding. I don’t go to parties. I’m a parent.

But seriously, I recommend this movie. You should see it. You’ll thank me.


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