One Year Anniversary

One year ago…

!!-modified-pic-of-July-21st-!!See that look on my face? That’s how I felt for over 5 weeks. I couldn’t navigate my world without serious momentum and slip on shoes. On this day one year ago, my mom had kindly taken me to a local mall to walk/waddle around. We were hoping to start labor. It was in the high 90s. I know, I know….First World Problems…

Less than 48 hours after this pic was taken, I was 7.6 delightful pounds lighter (maybe a bit more), with this little miracle in my arms:

IMAG0233And one year later, that little piece of pure love has blossomed into this:

at Granmamas house 1

See that beautiful girl? She’s mine. She talks (sort of) and walks and grips and grins and reaches and explores. She is my link to a human chain so large and long that it is overwhelming. I gush over her in the same way that I used to see other parents do, when I would roll my eyes at them and think “Yea, yea, you’ve got a kid. Cool.”  But karma is a delightful bitch, and now I’m just as goopy over her as other parents are over their kids.

I can handle being a cliche. That’s fine. Cause I’ve got this:



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