Up to my eyeballs in technology

I married a tech geek. (In the best sense of the word sweetie…) I have access to pretty much every piece of the latest technology, whether I want it or not. I know more about HTML5 sliders, new computer languages, what Apple is doing next, and solid state hard drives than any non-tech person should know. All side effects of hooking up with someone ‘in the industry.’

As I’ve gotten slowly drawn in to this world over the past four or five years, I’ve realized two things: 1) I’m now semi-fluent in tech jokes (not the javascript ones…those are still over my head) and 2) Dear God, I might never escape.

That’s ok, I guess. Though there are days when an EMP would do a lot for household communication. Recently though I took a new job in the field of social media and online marketing. I NEVER thought I would end up in marketing. But here I am…and loving it. Loving. It. 

409528_10150475938303683_501143682_8878669_1980544367_nVariety. Flexibility. Travel. Autonomy.  This job has what I need, and I get up in the morning looking forward to going to work. I’ve never felt this way about a job before. The thing of it is, the job puts me up to my eyeballs in technology and social media. Serious- I’m managing over 40 social media accounts. At the same damn time. You think I was distracted before? This just might fry any long-term memory I have left.

So while I’d intended to move away from working in social media, that is apparently not in the cards for me. The upside is that I seem to be quite good at it, and look forward to getting better. The downside is that this zaps almost any desire to really engage with my personal social media accounts. Maybe I’ll find an equilibrium soon and return to using my Facebook and Twitter accounts as a way of connecting to friends and fam- oh, look, shiny things!


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