One day I’ll walk away

My work life is spent eyeball-deep in technology. 8+ hours per day, I’m on/in/surrounded by the Internet, and my livelihood depends on understanding the ebb and flow of this fluid, fickled Universe. So I’m not exactly a heavy lifter, and I’m pretty sure my ass is going to reflect this in about 10 years. But I can help support my family, and that’s a hell of a lot to be proud of. (Of which to be proud? Stupid grammar.)

But there are days when I would give anything to be able to unplug. Anything. I want to get off of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and just live life out in the world. I’m doing more than bitching about it- I”m actively working to position myself where I can transition into a different role within the same organization within the next few years. But until then, I’ve got my ear to the ground (okay, the computer), listening for the slightest change in social media happenings. Not complaining, just planning.

In the past few weeks, there have been several instances when I’ve made it a point to thank the Universe for something. And, without fail, every time I do this, sometime in the next 12 hours, the Universe tests my gratitude with something. Seriously, I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to say/pray anything. I’m making some god somewhere angry. ┬áVengeful little bastard.

eva with gangsta face

You talkin’ to me?

In other news, it’s apparently breeding season! Not for me- hell no. I’m still looking forward to sleeping past 5:30 am on a regular basis. It. Will. Happen. No, my various mom-friends are on round 2 or 3, constructing some kiddos. I’ve had about 4 let me know in the last month that they are wine-free for a while (that’s our code). So my hat is off to them and I’m looking forward to meeting some new little ones in 2014. It’s going to be a big year for friends, change and new beginnings.

Anyway, there’s a random collection of thoughts for your Monday. I’d like to sound off with a little bit of the Inspirational (don’t smite me, angry-Pan-god):

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.12.07 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.06.40 AM

Monday Momentum

I don’t know if it’s the pace of my weekends (slow and centered around naptime) or if it’s the sheer pace of my industry (social media marketing), but come Monday mornings, I am CHARGED to GO! (It could also be the coffee….)

championMy to-do list is ambitious. My energy is high. My desk is messy. It’s GO time! Let’s see if I can make this week great (all before 10 am today)!


In other news…the holiday season is upon us. Let the scheduling begin! I’ve already got two family gatherings happening at the exact same time. Exact. Same. Time. What are the odds?

And how did we get to the end of 2013? What the hell people? I mean, 2014 is going to be AWESOME, for sure. But I’m not ready to deck my halls. I’m not ready to dodge around the Salvation Army people (quit judging me with your bells!). I’m not ready to shop for gifts.

I’m not ready to let this year go. Can we rewind to about early September? Please?

I’m switching to decaf now. With Kahlula.

(In case you got through this and thought ‘Where’s the substance?,’ sorry about that. This post had no real point other than to reach out and say Happy Monday! …in a very chipper way.)

3 Tips for Giving Tips

If the title didn’t give it away, this post is going to be a snarky one. It’s the Friday of a long week, and my breakfast was three veggie dumplings and half of a Mr. Pibb consumed in traffic. Love me anyway.

Somewhere in Cyberland, the tip was given to bloggers that all blogs/posts are more compelling when you use numbers and any of the following words: tips, tricks, fads, trends, steps, ideas, DIY, projects, rules, suggestions, fashion…you get the idea. Everything recently in the blogesphere follows this pattern.

Case in point:Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 8.46.00 AMThis is a screenshot of the top results for a Google search I did about “blogs that give tips.” I know, I know, first world problems. It’s just so prevalent that I had to say something about it.

And join in. Here are my tips for giving tips:

1) Drink first. I don’t think that needs an explanation.

2) Consider that while you’re one of roughly 7 billion people and about 4 billion of those don’t have access to clean water, let alone a laptop, you’re also incredibly unique in a universe where the odds that you in your exact formation would grow and live was indescribably small. So when you chose what you say, remember that you are stardust…incredibly privileged startdust. Write accordingly.

write a book 33) You know you have today. And that’s all you know. If there’s something you want to do, why in the hell aren’t you doing it? Who cares if it looks like 14 million other people already got there? They’re not you. Go be you.

Happy Friday. Don’t text and drive. Seriously. Don’t.

I want to be an author. Starting now.

Remember my earlier post about wanting to become a mommy-blogger for about 5 minutes? I have an even better idea. I want to write an ebook.

write a book 2I have NO IDEA what about…too many ideas floating around in my head, but I figure putting it out there in the universe is a good step.

No goals. No deadlines (yet…I’ll have to make deadlines, or else I’ll be writing this thing during menopause, fueled by Jim Bean and anger). No direction. No choice. I like writing, and I like practicing what I like. Don’t know what I hope to accomplish with this, but I’d like to see if I can write and self-publish some sort of e-book.

So here is my stated intention to the universe. I want to write a book. An e-book. Before I die….much sooner than that, actually. But since I don’t know when I’m going to die, better start soonish.

Like in early 2014. What idiot starts a book during the holiday season?

(Speaking of the holiday season- BAD WALMART! It’s not Christmas yet! Bad!)

House of Sickness

Tis the season…for the plague, apparently. Halloween-Shmalloween, everyone we know is sick (including us here in Howellville) and we stand a significant chance of being taken out not by zombies, but by bacteria. Personally, I’m still keeping prepared for the zombies. Wielding a shotgun feels more proactive than wielding Theraflu.

Other than being overrun with sickness, what have we been up to? You’ve been wondering, haven’t you? That’s why I’m here.

My new job is wonderful. I’ve never liked a job so much in my life. I’d doing social media and brand management for a property management company that builds assisted living facilities. If you don’t know what a property management company is, don’t worry. Me neither. I’m still learning. But I love it!

halloween 5Yesterday was Halloween, and the ankle-biter was a sock-monkey. Cute and warm. We trick or treated all the way to one house before she lost interest and wanted to go chase leaves. I sort of felt the same way, so I didn’t really mind. Then we wandered home for some running around, bath and bed.

Now we roll into my favorite season of the year! I’m…sort of ready for it. Still, it feels like we just got done with Christmas last year, in a way. I’m feeling pretty numb to the idea of decorating again so soon (Christmas needs to be two years apart), so this may be the year of the Charlie Brown tree.

So far fall has been pretty busy with work and…well, just lots of work. We’ve not been too terrific here recently with work/life balance. It’s more like work/survival balance. I stay busy trying to get enough sleep on the side of working full time, taking care of Eva and keeping our place clean. Other than that, not much to update, I’m afraid.

How’s things with you?