House of Sickness

Tis the season…for the plague, apparently. Halloween-Shmalloween, everyone we know is sick (including us here in Howellville) and we stand a significant chance of being taken out not by zombies, but by bacteria. Personally, I’m still keeping prepared for the zombies. Wielding a shotgun feels more proactive than wielding Theraflu.

Other than being overrun with sickness, what have we been up to? You’ve been wondering, haven’t you? That’s why I’m here.

My new job is wonderful. I’ve never liked a job so much in my life. I’d doing social media and brand management for a property management company that builds assisted living facilities. If you don’t know what a property management company is, don’t worry. Me neither. I’m still learning. But I love it!

halloween 5Yesterday was Halloween, and the ankle-biter was a sock-monkey. Cute and warm. We trick or treated all the way to one house before she lost interest and wanted to go chase leaves. I sort of felt the same way, so I didn’t really mind. Then we wandered home for some running around, bath and bed.

Now we roll into my favorite season of the year! I’m…sort of ready for it. Still, it feels like we just got done with Christmas last year, in a way. I’m feeling pretty numb to the idea of decorating again so soon (Christmas needs to be two years apart), so this may be the year of the Charlie Brown tree.

So far fall has been pretty busy with work and…well, just lots of work. We’ve not been too terrific here recently with work/life balance. It’s more like work/survival balance. I stay busy trying to get enough sleep on the side of working full time, taking care of Eva and keeping our place clean. Other than that, not much to update, I’m afraid.

How’s things with you?


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