Monday Momentum

I don’t know if it’s the pace of my weekends (slow and centered around naptime) or if it’s the sheer pace of my industry (social media marketing), but come Monday mornings, I am CHARGED to GO! (It could also be the coffee….)

championMy to-do list is ambitious. My energy is high. My desk is messy. It’s GO time! Let’s see if I can make this week great (all before 10 am today)!


In other news…the holiday season is upon us. Let the scheduling begin! I’ve already got two family gatherings happening at the exact same time. Exact. Same. Time. What are the odds?

And how did we get to the end of 2013? What the hell people? I mean, 2014 is going to be AWESOME, for sure. But I’m not ready to deck my halls. I’m not ready to dodge around the Salvation Army people (quit judging me with your bells!). I’m not ready to shop for gifts.

I’m not ready to let this year go. Can we rewind to about early September? Please?

I’m switching to decaf now. With Kahlula.

(In case you got through this and thought ‘Where’s the substance?,’ sorry about that. This post had no real point other than to reach out and say Happy Monday! …in a very chipper way.)


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