Chilly Bones and Milestones

Polar Vortex

I would never have seen Polar Vortex, Part Deux coming if it hadn’t been for a friend in New Yawk, telling me last night about the six inches of snow they got yesterday. I maintain that living in the north changes your DNA more completely than a bad sci-fi movie. I don’t even think Northerners are completely human anymore….but they’re surviving the Polar Vortices, which is more than I can say for me.  But anyway, thanks for the heads up Kat!

I’m now going to hide indoors until spring. I’m a delicate little thing.

Oh, wait- I’m not. I just survived a plane trip with a toddler. Kudos goes to my Better Half, who displays both more calm and a G-rated mouth when faced with two+ hours of semi-tantrums by a pants-less heathen. (long, slow clap) Your karma is restocked for years. Mine, on the other hand….let’s just say I think I’m running low on points with the Universe.

There’s a Reason We Count It In Months…

Eva on January 1st 2014

Speaking of my offspring:  She’s 18 months old today. We’ve survived (and kept her alive) for 18 months, in good health and apparently quite happy. Many, many thanks to the grandparents who helped make this possible. We celebrated this morning with a 5 am start time to read books, rearrange pots in the kitchen, and studying the mysteries of the Keurig machine. Then it was time for vocal exercises and running the length of the room. Everyone has their morning routine. No matter how tired I am, it’s pretty adorable. We made that.

How are we going to celebrate this milestone? I’m not sure yet, but my camera and some bourbon will be involved, not in that order. For all the people who wonder why new parents count age by months (up until about 2 years old)….imagine going completely through puberty, a process that normally takes 15 years or so from start to semi-finish, in two years. Think about it. Thaaaaat’s it. Yea, that’s why we do it. It’s also an AA trick- you take it one day at a time to survive, with the hope that it will get easier and the slight fear that it never will. Suzy-Sunshine I am not.

This Blog

Soooooo…….this blog. This blog has almost no direction anymore, other than serving as an update board for my Munchkin and whatever musings strike me as I’m able to type them. The more I get into writing, the more I want there to be some direction. I’m trying to write an Ebook (yes, still on that kick) and I’m millimeters away from deciding to go completely vegetarian. I’m also working a very interesting job and am not lacking on things I think about. So, there’s material there.

My promise to you, dear reader, is that I’m going to try to put this blog on a track of some kind. Not like a topic specific track (foodie blogs, mom blogs, travel blogs, fashion blogs- all completely covered), but something more cohesive than this. I run deep, and this blog has gotten shallow.

But today, I shall end on a light note- My gorgeous silver hairs are starting to streak down my head. Little hints here and there of the process of Life continuing its course. I’ve earned them. They’re mine and they signify a life long enough and healthy enough to have hair and see it change with the seasons. So I leave you with this thought:wisdom highlights


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