That’s What She Said | Wisdom on YouTube

I spend a fair bit of professional time on YouTube, tweaking channels for my company. I control almost 20 YouTube Channels. Oh, yea, I spend a lot of time on YouTube.

So when I find something A.W.E.S.O.M.E., I pass that medicine on. We all need more of it.

Here’s one about healing conversations that we need to have more of:

Women Talking About Aging and Death in Modern Culture

See, there’s a lot of shit on YouTube, but as people are looking for more light in the world, stuff like this pops up, proving that everything in this life, even technology, is exactly what you make it, what you choose to focus on.

I forget that dozens of times a day and give in to the clawing, shrieking voices of Not Enough. It is so hard to ignore those voices.

I don’t know any women who don’t need this space to be, to talk, to listen and to hear. I don’t know any women who don’t need a bit more compassion in their lives, towards themselves. I don’t know any women who don’t do battle every day with a culture that tells them their worth is always conditional on their ability to please others. It’s draining and terrifying and damaging, and THAT is why things like this- spaces like this, messages like this- are so vital to a part of us that is just as important as brain, blood and stomach.

So this is my attempt to put something out into the world that will be a light. If you like it, pass it on. There’s more to come.


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