Restless night…

I’ve got nothing to contribute to the Universe tonight except a restless soul and a tired body. Oh, and raw cookie dough. I’m a giver.

I’ve been wanting to share a bit of creative energy with the world, but first I’ll start with my slow crawl out of credit bondage. And I mean S.L.O.W. Recently, I’ve reached a place of financial and physical security where I feel like I might not always be running from behind, so to speak. Now, I thought I’d hit it a bit sooner than my early 30s, but such is the condition of our country/economy that most of my generation finds ourselves desperately struggling to hit some of the same hallmarks our parents did with (dare I say it?) a bit more ease. Regardless, I’m almost there now, and the smell of it- the psychological promise of it- is intoxicating.

I’m almost debt free. See, I’ve had some sort of balance floating on credit cards for most of my adult life. Never much- no, I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s always been perfectly manageable. I’ve just always seemed to have something come up- a car repair, a new bill, something insurance wouldn’t cover- so that I couldn’t quite pay it off each month. Periods of carrying a small balance have been with me for most of the past decade. A small but consistent inability to be totally free of that nagging little bit of debt. Always so very close. It drove me NUTS, but now it’s almost gone. So you might or might not see a bit of drunk posting when that last e-bill is finally paid. Consider yourself warned.

Aside from that, I’m restless tonight and looking to throw a few things out into the Universe, since my previous creative ideas have, as it turns out, already been done. I was going to write a social media e-book for work- then I found out that about three dozen other ‘social media professionals’ had already beaten me there and written about the same damn thing. Opps. I was going to take up knitting again- then I remembered it bores me tremendously. Opps. I was going to design my first tattoo- then I remembered I hate needles. The list goes on.

But my little TaterSnot is getting up to interesting things again, and leaving her little marks all over the house (I have to say that her little marks are far cuter to find lying around than, say, her father’s not-so-little marks. Sorry Babe, it’s true. Tiny socks trump adult socks.). I’ve found that trying to catch those little bits of her presence are a delightful challenge. I think photography is back at the top of my interest list for now.

So here is something for this day that’s almost done: shoes 1 no light path-3

And lest I go to sleep without sending out an affirmation:Do what makes your soul happy


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