Spoken Poetess Sarah Kay’s New Book is HERE!: No Matter the Wreckage

I’ve written in the past about one of my favorite sources of inspiration: Sarah Kay.

(Interesting note: in that last sentence, I first typed the word “information” instead of “inspiration.” In my mind and heart, she is a source of both. She’s informed me of things about the human condition that I’d forgotten I ever knew.)

Her poetry is magic to me.

Her new book, No Matter the Wreckage, is now out on Amazon. It’s her last ten years of poetry, and it’s like psychic food. I bought it, the second I found out about it. I’d encourage you to do the same.

Hipster-hunting in NYC

Okay, so we’re not really hunting hipsters. They’re out of season.

williamsburghipsterBut my NYC trip is going to include a visit to an open-air market in the hamlet of Williamsburg, which is apparently a hipster breeding ground. I’ll get to see them in their natural habitat, and I’m excited for the chance, since they’re basically in captivity back in Atlanta (what else explains Midtown and Little Five Points?). Seriously, though I make fun of the hipster tribe, I’m quite in awe of them as a social phenomenon. People watching is already one of my favorite habits, so NYC is a type of paradise for me. And hipster-hunting is just one way of telling New York how much I love it.

This trip is likely my last time visiting The City for quite a while.  I have a good friend who lives there, but she is moving this year and I mostly come here to see her, so a trip back is not likely. We get to see each other in person about once a year, if we’re lucky. Once she moves, I’ll go visit her wherever she goes next. In the meantime, I plan to eat myself stupid this weekend. That’s one of the best things about New York City- any type of food is available. Pretty much right now.

I’d go visit her anywhere she lived, really I would. But the fact that she happens to be living/working/living her dream in one of my favorite places to visit ON EARTH is an undeniable bonus.  I LOVE NYC. I could people-watch for days (and I do) every time I go, and the exoticness of always leaves me feeling giddy. I could never live here, and I know that. But a 3-4 day visit is just fine for me to taste a piece of what the city offers and then race back to my family and life in Georgia.

So between the food and the good company, I will be returning home with my personal cup-o-needs filled to the brim with down-time, mental space and complete sentences. Healthy for me- mind, body and soul. And, come Monday, I will be more than ready to see my family again.

After all, what kind of a day is it if I don’t have black beans and baby snot on my pant leg?