Start Simple.

I LOVE minimalism- as a philosophy, as a goal, as a way of moving through the world. We are overwhelmed physically, psychically, verbally, visually, every-type-of-ally with stuff/clutter/trivia/junk/excess/unnecessary/irrelevant/in-the-way-ness. And, in consequence of that modern condition, we constantly have too much. But we don’t feel that, because if we don’t have what we think we want, we feel that we don’t have enough.

I’ve never been unintentionally hungry a day in my life. (Intentionally, yes, but that’s another psychosis for another post.) I’ve never been cold for lack of clothes or shelter. I’ve never been denied care that I needed. I’ve never lacked for a loving, supportive family. Yet I can’t remember the last time in my life when I felt like I had enough. Ever. That’s a long time of striving, and I’m tired of it.

Let’s Do the Damn Thang!

I want more time in my life to enjoy things like family, trips, friends, learning computer-related stuff, and not spending time taking care of my shit or getting more. I have enough. Enough. (Sure, all new furniture would be nice, but a 401K would be nicer.)

So here’s how it’s getting real:

  1. I’m starting the 333 Project. There, I said it. Thus let it be done.
  2. I’m cutting back answering [personal] emails to once every other day. If you need me, call me.
  3. I’m cleaning out my closets/home and documenting it on this blog.
  4. I’m cleaning up my financial life. Closing cards and eliminating debt. Tyler Durden would be proud.
  5. I’m decluttering my friends list. If I haven’t seen or spoken to you in three years, I’m letting you go. Not that you’d notice. But I will.
  6. I’m cutting back my expenses- I can eat cheaper than I do.
  7. I’m decluttering my home of accumulated junk we haven’t touched in years. This includes powertools (You’ve been warned, Pookie).
  8. I’m cutting back my commitments- stop laughing. I am.
  9. I’m not starting any new hobbies for a while, unless it involved experiences. No more thinking I’ll learn knitting or guitar. Nothing that involves gear or special equipment of any kind.

My home now is cluttered with enough primary colors to stun even Elmo. (Speaking of, that little red bastard is going to quietly rule the world while we are all on guard against Russia and Iran. Did you know he’s building an army of toddlers?) Anything we had of value has- at minimum- milk and rice stains. So, in addition to this project, I’m scouring Groupon for some house-cleaning deals.

It may not be cleaner after this, per se (I blame the toddler living my house), but it will be…cleaner?

Check back for a link to my ebay store soon.




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