Domestic Advances

I do so much unpaid labor (as most of the worth-while stuff is unpaid), that is easy to forget how much I get done.

Taking Stock

This past month,

  • I’ve arranged for several repairmen to handle various projects at my home. I paid them, and when I ran out of money, I did it myself.
  • I single-handedly painted my kitchen and downstairs bathroom.
  • I moved 19 boxes of 30+ pound tile from the store to my living room.
  • I purchased/arranged to have dozens of necessary supplies on hand, including $800 of tile underlayment and a new bathroom vanity.
  • I’ve cleaned up up countless renovation messes.
  • I’ve changed the towel that is catching a small leak under the sink at least twice a day for three days. I’ll continue to do it until our handy-man comes back tomorrow with a piece that fits.
  • I’ve continued to keep my little Boo alive and thriving through all of this renovation madness.
  • I’ve worked full time, and started two new campaigns for my company.
  • I’ve completely redone my professional website, learning certain things from scratch.
  • I’ve showered- at least twice.

I’m taking a moment to celebrate¬†finally completing¬†a project that I’ve wanted to do for years- finish the kitchen.

When we moved in, it was like this:

IMG_3843 IMG_3907











We did a few repairs, and ended up with this:

_DSC0841 _DSC0842









Now, we have this:

final kitchen shots-3


final kitchen shots-4 final kitchen shots-5 final kitchen shots-6 final kitchen shots-8 final kitchen shots