My Daily Grind

In 2013, I started a social media marketing agency as a cumulation of everything I’d been learning in tech, SEO and PR. It was a very logical and necessary evolution. I have several companies to promote, and what I had learned was helpful to others and immediately relevant. Starting businesses is nothing new for me, but I didn’t expect things to go like they did. Fast.

ANH logoMy company quickly picked up clients, and within a few months I shifted to operating A Noble House full time as my main business. Writing guest posts on blogs picked up quickly too, and I’m now working as a guest blogger within several different industries. This job suits me perfectly- it fits my writing voice and allows me to develop professionally. I’ve never been one who believed in the job security fairy (despite my parents attempts to convince me), so being my own boss is manageable. I’ve developed fantastic time-management skills, and can take initiative to do what needs to be done and teach myself what I need to know. There are no skills more valuable right now.

I am becoming, by degrees, my own master. And it feels wonderful.

So my daily grind is one that I set for myself. I have flexibility when I really need it (Sick baby? No problem-o!) and accept the trade-off of always being ‘on’ to some extent. I’m a mother- I’m always ‘on’ anyway.

The 30’s just keep getting better and better.


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