2014 Review

2104 was busy. We grew, we saved, we traveled, we swam, we planned, and we tried new things. I got better at cooking, Eva got better at talking and Sosh got better at coding stuff (and explaining to me what he was coding.) We got a year older, two of the three of us changed jobs, one of us mastered object permanence and saying ‘please’ (it’s exactly who you’d think), all of us forgot to call various peoples on their birthdays, and we all toyed with new hobbies- woodworking, jewelry-making, and potty-training (again, exactly who you’d think).

2015 is opening up some new opportunities for the Howells of Atlanta. There’s some stuff we’ll have to let go in order to make room for the new possibilities. To that end, I’m letting go of old identities, styles, and expectations. Also, I cleaned out the fridge. 2015 is off to a running start!

Dancing in Space/Time

I used to consider myself “A Dancer.” It was a persona I adopted and one of the first things in life besides reading that I ever established a flashy proficiency in. I lived/loved/breathed dancing for a number of years. Long after I didn’t do that anymore, I still considered myself “A Dancer,” just one that was on a break. 90’s kids know how well that worked out for Ross and Rachel.

Yea, 2015 is the year I let that go. I’m no longer “A Dancer.” I’m someone who occasionally dances and could slide through a swingout if the moment were right. I just can’t pretend anymore. Moving on…

2015 for the Howells of Atlanta

We’ve got a lot happening this year. We’re planning to move to a house with a real yard, Sosh sold his first company and is moving on to his next adventure, we will (so help me 8 pound, 6 ounce Baby Jesus) potty train our Little Tater, I’m working on new business ventures that will hopefully render me a thousandaire in the near future, and we’re starting a bunch of new family traditions now that Eva is old enough to remember them.

One of the first family traditions we will be starting will be a belated Virtual Christmas card to everyone. It should roll in around late February, like a little gift you weren’t even expecting. I could pretend that next year I’ll get a Christmas card together and out in time, but I think realism is more fun.

We’re doing virtual cards to save trees and time and so that I can do a longer update on what our family is doing.

(By the way, thank you to everyone who thoughtfully sent us Christmas cards! They were all so gorgeous and orgainzed and timely.)

Other family traditions on the “To Start’ list:

  • beach vacation!one of my fav pics ever of Eva and I !!
  • a family portrait
  • celebrating Halloween with actual costumes and celebrations
  • exploring Atlanta with Eva
  • decorating for each of the holidays

…really everything after that I can think of after that is just a hopeful plan for activities we’ll enjoy, like getting out more and spending time with friends. Not really traditions, but ways to enjoy life.

Seriously, we’re busy but in a very good place. It’s been tough to let go of the identity of ‘Dancer’ (more for me than for the Hubs), but I think I’m finally there. We’ve got a lot of adventures planned for our Little Tater this year, and I’m looking forward to see what 2015 will bring!


Full disclosure: I wrote that in early January. How time does fly!


Halloween and the Onset of Fall

Holy Hell, it’s Fall.


Of 2014.

How did that happen?

2014 Recap

I’ve been slow to post for the past- year or so, ever since I took a full-time job and (gently) packed my Wee One off to Daycare. Suddenly I went from having ‘free time’ to take pictures and post to having not even a semblance of free time. But I wanted to shout out a quick update before the downhill roll into the holiday season just gets completely out of control.

2014 has been a good year, by several measureable standards. Professionally, not my best, but I’ve learned a lot and I wouldn’t trade it. Personally, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the magnificent little human my daughter is turning out to be, and I’m enjoying the hell out of teaching her new things. Socially, we are still hermits, and what has been amazing for me about this past year is rediscovering what an introvert I can be. Not in a semi-romantic, ‘taking-time-for-long-walks-to-discover-and-recharge-myself’ sort of way, but in a ‘scurries-from-sunlight’ kind of way.

It turns out, I can be REALLY introverted, and as long as I get my occasional jaunts out into society to see other humans, I seem to do just fine with minimal social contact. Since this was not the case two or three years ago, I’m pretty sure (hopeful?) I’ll cycle back around to a more balanced way of being. Something with more talking and attention to personal hygeine. I’m working on it. But the chaos that comes in the wake of a tiny person does not leave me with a lot of higher-level congnitive energy.

It’s been a fast-moving year, and we have no doubt that 2015 will be even more so, as we intend to try and find a new (bigger) house and shift to accommodate a growing toddler’s needs. (We need storage space. Badly.) We’re looking forward finding out what next year has in store, but lest I dive straight into a New Year Resolutions post, I’ll stop there.

Halloween 2014

Halloween with EvaOther parents somehow got their cherubs into costumes this year. I didn’t. We tried to get my Ankle-Biter to wear the Minnie Mouse costume I got her, but she just didn’t seem interested in dressing up, and I wasn’t going to push it for the sake of one lousy picture with her screaming/crying as Minnie Mouse.

But she did want to walk, so my mom and I grabbed her pumpkin pail and wandered the neighborhood to the five or so houses that were offering candy. It was just enough to get her interested in the idea of Trick or Treating, but not interested in the candy itself. Since we don’t let her eat candy, it was more about the exercise of learning to knock on strangers’ doors and expect to receive things. We have weird traditions.

I think next year, she’ll really ‘get’ the whole holiday a bit better. I’m not really in a hurry. We are now sliding into my FAVORITE season of the whole year! I can’t wait for the holiday season!!!

In the meantime, I will say that in two days, we three Georgia Howells are getting on a plane- Again- On Purpose- to go all the way to California to see the California Howells. If you don’t remember the last time we flew on a plane, it was a disaster on several levels. I blogged about it, though I can’t find the post now because I didn’t tag it correctly. After last time, I said I wouldn’t fly with her again until she was visiting colleges. Well, eat my words, here we go again. But this time, she’s more directable, so we’re hoping that our old buddy Elmo will help distract her for some of the flight.

Either way, I’ll have an interesting story for you this weekend, with an update on our flight.


House of Sickness

Tis the season…for the plague, apparently. Halloween-Shmalloween, everyone we know is sick (including us here in Howellville) and we stand a significant chance of being taken out not by zombies, but by bacteria. Personally, I’m still keeping prepared for the zombies. Wielding a shotgun feels more proactive than wielding Theraflu.

Other than being overrun with sickness, what have we been up to? You’ve been wondering, haven’t you? That’s why I’m here.

My new job is wonderful. I’ve never liked a job so much in my life. I’d doing social media and brand management for a property management company that builds assisted living facilities. If you don’t know what a property management company is, don’t worry. Me neither. I’m still learning. But I love it!

halloween 5Yesterday was Halloween, and the ankle-biter was a sock-monkey. Cute and warm. We trick or treated all the way to one house before she lost interest and wanted to go chase leaves. I sort of felt the same way, so I didn’t really mind. Then we wandered home for some running around, bath and bed.

Now we roll into my favorite season of the year! I’m…sort of ready for it. Still, it feels like we just got done with Christmas last year, in a way. I’m feeling pretty numb to the idea of decorating again so soon (Christmas needs to be two years apart), so this may be the year of the Charlie Brown tree.

So far fall has been pretty busy with work and…well, just lots of work. We’ve not been too terrific here recently with work/life balance. It’s more like work/survival balance. I stay busy trying to get enough sleep on the side of working full time, taking care of Eva and keeping our place clean. Other than that, not much to update, I’m afraid.

How’s things with you?

One Year Anniversary

One year ago…

!!-modified-pic-of-July-21st-!!See that look on my face? That’s how I felt for over 5 weeks. I couldn’t navigate my world without serious momentum and slip on shoes. On this day one year ago, my mom had kindly taken me to a local mall to walk/waddle around. We were hoping to start labor. It was in the high 90s. I know, I know….First World Problems…

Less than 48 hours after this pic was taken, I was 7.6 delightful pounds lighter (maybe a bit more), with this little miracle in my arms:

IMAG0233And one year later, that little piece of pure love has blossomed into this:

at Granmamas house 1

See that beautiful girl? She’s mine. She talks (sort of) and walks and grips and grins and reaches and explores. She is my link to a human chain so large and long that it is overwhelming. I gush over her in the same way that I used to see other parents do, when I would roll my eyes at them and think “Yea, yea, you’ve got a kid. Cool.”  But karma is a delightful bitch, and now I’m just as goopy over her as other parents are over their kids.

I can handle being a cliche. That’s fine. Cause I’ve got this: