First Time Mom Trauma

I am- to the practiced eye- a consummate First Time Mom. I panic about every bump and bruise…I’ve tried not to, and I guess will have to wait for the next little bundle to practice on. Cause with my daughter, I’ve only gotten marginally better as she’s gotten older. I no longer cry every time I accidentally hurt her. But I still vigilantly try to protect her from every germ and hard edge, unable to believe on a deeper level that anyone (but The Hubs and a select few others) could every take care of her better than I.

So today was a BIG step for me. I have been vacationing with the Hubs and My Cherub in the wilds of New Hampshire. Family vacation in the family lake cabin with 20+ family. Lots of family time, so it’s a good thing I like my Hubs’ family. The lake house is continually stocked with coffee, ice cream and wine. These are my people.

Well, today I had to peel away from the family time to go on a business trip. From Wednesday afternoon to Sunday night, I am child free…for the first time since, well, she started. This is the longest I’ve been away from her since her existence began. By A LOT.

Who would want to be parted from this? Only crazy people.

Who would want to be parted from this? Only crazy people.

So, like the professional that I am, I kissed her and Hubs goodbye, watched them drive off into the afternoon (WITHOUT ME) and only cried all the way through security and to the boarding gate. No big. I’m good. Got this.

I’m a big girl. I’m a big girl.

You’d think I’d be overjoyed at a few days of freedom. I’m sure that footloose feeling will kick in any time now.

Any time now.


2 thoughts on “First Time Mom Trauma

  1. My heart aches for you. Visualize her happy and thriving with her Daddy and big family. Hold her in your heart . Know that you will be joyously reunited soon. But I know it is not soon enough.

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